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Features of Windows Server 2019 Datacenter

Windows Server 2022 Datacenter is a server operating system that became available in October 2022. Windows Server 2022 Datacenter has various new features such as:

  • Windows Defender: An anti-malware can be installed and activated without using the GUI.
  • Active Directory Federation Services: Active Directory Federation Services can be configured on the system
  • Remote Desktop Services: This is for improving system performance and stability.
  • Storage Services: Storage arrays have a storage replica option that replicates files instead of blocks. It can also reproduce snapshots and the direction can also be changed using it.
  • Failover clustering: This feature is for continuous upgrade and storage replica.
  • Web Application Proxy: This feature is for HTTP application pre-authentication.

Along with all this, there are various other aspects such as new networking features which include: support for generic routing encapsulation, more network interface, IP address management. To summarize, Windows Server 2022 Datacenter will improve system performance and security.


  • Physical (host) Memory support: The data center offers up to 24 TB of memory per physical server
  • Physical logical processor support: it can support memory up to 512 Lps, while the other version has about 320 Lps memory
  • Virtual machine memory: Supports up to 12 TB memory per virtual machine compared to 1 TB memory offered by other version.
  • Virtual Machine Virtual Processor support: Datacenter can support up to 240 VP per machine, while other versions support 64 VP per machine.

Security: Better system security is one of the best features of MS Server 2022. There are few features like AppLocker, Windows Defender, Just-In-Time administration and Just Enough Administration which are available for all versions. But Datacenter has other amazing security features to offer.

  • Enhances threat detection
  • Device Guard
  • Remote Credential Guard
  • Credential Guard
  • Control flow guard


For this part, there are some common features that are available for all versions, such as Linux and FreeBSD workloads, server management tool. But what sets Data Center apart from all other versions is that it has some additional features. These features are as follows:

  • Cluster OS Rolling upgrade
  • Nano Server installation option
  • VM load balancing
  • RDS RemoteFX vGPU

These features are fully supported by the Datacenter version of MS 2022.


All features in the network section are not supported by any other version. Only the Windows Server 2022 Datacenter supports all them. The features are as follows:

  • Network controller
  • Micro segmentation
  • Software load balancer


Windows Server 2022 Datacenter supports features like storage replica, data deduplication, storage health monitoring, storage resiliency, high-performance NVMe support. Different storage features were the highlights of MS 2022. Ince data center fully supports all available features, which makes it popular among customers. Among the mentioned features, other attractive storage features are as follows:

  • Resize the file server
  • Persistent memory for maximum application performance
  • The quality of the storage service


It has about 4 different features out of which 2 are also supported by other version. The features are as follows:

  • Windows PowerShell 5.1: This feature is supported by all versions of Windows Server 2022.
  • Windows PowerShell desired state configuration: Along with Windows PowerShell 5.1, this feature is supported by all versions
  • Hyper-V Container: Only Datacenter supports it.
  • Windows Server Containers: Again, only Datacenter supports it.

Additional information


Compatible with the x64 instruction set, Minimum 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor, Supports CMPXCHG16b, LAHF/SAHF and PrefetchW, Supports NX and DEP, Supports second-level address translation (EPT or NPT)


Minimum 512 MB (2 GB for server with Desktop Experience installation option), Type ECC (Error Correcting Code) or similar technology, for physical host implementations

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